Monday, September 2, 2019

Learning Psychology with Dr Chinu Agrawal.

*Learning Psychology with Dr Chinu Agrawal*

Dr Chinu Agrawal, Ph.D, is a renowned Psychologist and Psychotherapist of the country. She is the Director of Feeling Minds, an organization dedicated to bring Psychology to everyone.
As a part of her mission of bringing Psychology and it's benefits to people, Dr Chinu  runs workshops in various parts of the country which give profound knowledge about various theories of Psychology like
1. "Transactional Analysis"
2. "Cognitive Drill Therapy"
3."Recovery Focussed Behavior therapy"
4. Rational Emotive Cognitive Behavior Therapy
5. Career Guidance and Counseling
6. Relationship Counseling
7. Parenting and Grand Parenting.
8. Experiential Emotional Education for children and adolescents.
9. Indian Psychology.
10. Teacher training.

These workshops are of two categories :
1. To create Experts in these fields who can then start their own practice in these fields.
2. Providing these services to people.

The duration and cost of these workshops vary from 2 to 15 days. Rs 5500/- to Rs 2lakhs.

There are various ways to associate with Feeling Minds®and Dr Chinu Agrawal.

1. Becoming a Franchise partner and starting your own venture in this field.

2. Becoming an associate and getting Feeling Minds®programs in your cities.

3. Getting trained in Feeling Minds®ROI based programs and starting your own enterprise.

Our vision is to reach atleast 2 crore people every year and equip them with the benefits of action research in Psychology.

We keep conducting regular classes on whatsapp free of cost.

And are starting our paid MOOC courses online from 2020.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our learning whatsapp group, please fill the following details and whatsapp to 9837007165.

1. Name :
2. Qualification :
3. Occupation:
4. Experience:
5. Interests : 
6. Email id :
7. Postal address:

Thank you.

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