Thursday, August 22, 2019

"I am only a Psychologist"

I am so sorry friends, I cannot read your mind. I can also not "train your brain" nor can I "coach your mind". I can also honestly not *change* you.

I am only a Psychologist. Then what do I exactly do?

I can only help you to explore your own choices in a neutral, scientific and Systematic manner.

I can collaborate with you to bring about a change in yourself which you feel is necessary to become more productive, effective and happier.

I can educate you about the processes of the mind so that you understand yourself better. So that you can put your thinking, feeling and behaving in a perspective and realise where and what is going wrong.

I can listen to you nonjudgmentally and help you to put your problems in realistic proportions.

I can facilitate your discovery of your own solutions to your problems through a rational discussion.

I can teach you certain Psychology based theories and concepts in a simplified manner in order to help you understand human mind and behaviour.

I can help you to develop certain skills which will help you in coping with your day to day stresses and emotional upsets.

I can help you to scientifically assess and evaluate yourself with the help of scientific, reliable and validated psychometric tools to get an insight about your own personality, choose a career etc.

I can help you to gain insight in your own thinking and behaviour patterns and how they can be modified if required to more beneficial and Rational ones.

I can help you to gain an understanding about how the human mind functions so that you can understand and accept others and manage your relationships and conflicts in a much better way.

Remember, only you can change yourself as the door of change is locked from inside.

I can only knock on it.

Warm regards,

Dr Chinu Agrawal, Ph.D
Psychologist and Psychotherapist
Director: Feeling Minds®

*Your partner in your Emotional growth*


  1. Wonderfully simplisticaly put forward in true Signature style of yours.
    More power to you ma'am.

  2. Yes!! Every word touches not only the rigid layers of ones mind but the subtle layers of the heart..